How You Can Help Gospel Messengers in Uganda

There are many ways you can help Gospel Messengers. Below are some of our regular and current needs, as well as our 5-year plan. Please contact us for more information.

Ministry Needs

Sound and music equipment: Box speakers, amplifier and mixer, guitars (rhythm, bass, and acoustic), conga set, drum set, band and jazz instruments (especially trumpets, flutes, paiste, and cymbals), keyboards, tambourines of worship.

Generator and surge protector or power conditioner

Computer, printer, fax, typewriter, and photocopier ( as you can see this one is about worn out!)

Camera (wide angle) and video camera

Audio recorder/player, VCR recorder/player, and tape dubbing equipment

Transport for the equipment and for ministry staff to rural areas: 4x4 truck, platform truck, van for women's ministry, motorcycles for pastoral work.

Educational Needs

Text Books: Primary, $12 each Secondary, $15 each

 School Desks: $30 each (500 needed)

Teacher's tables & chairs: $20 per chair (50 needed) $40 per table (50 needed)

School Cupboards: $50 each (150 needed)

School concrete floors: $2,000 each

School Building:$100,000 for 12 classrooms, staff room, and 3 offices

Test Center/School Hall: $30,000 for 500 students

Heavy hailstorm blew off roofing of a classroom block

classroom collapse

After a long season of drought, a heavy hailstorm hit, that blew off roofing of a classroom block at Kamusenene Children Center.  The already weakened and burn out block due to termites eating up timber was left at the verge of collapsing to the extent that it cannot be reroofed but demolished.  This block housed the candidate class, Primary Six and offices.  Heavy rains started at 4:30pm while students where in their classes.  At around 5:00pm, this fate occurred but thanks be to God that neither students nor teachers were harmed.  However, all text books (teaching materials), students’ books and office equipment were destroyed.

The remaining blocks are also temporary structures constructed with timber, mud and bamboo due to limited funds to construct permanent buildings.  In addition, these were further weakened and at the verge of collapsing hence a threat to the school community.  They don’t have windows that interfere with pupils’ lessons during the rainy seasons as wind blows into the class rooms, destroying pupils’ property. 

Currently, candidates and primary six students don’t have classrooms and there are no offices, yet it is still a rainy season.  Please, stand with us in prayer for God’s provision of construction of brick permanent structures and restoration of materials that were destroyed.

school kids and desk

This is a class room that has been upgraded,
unfortunately this more of the exceptio

 Basic Survival Needs

Food Sponsorship: Feed a child for $10/month. Child Sponsorship: $30 per month provides food, education, and a school uniform 

Water Tanks: $1,400 each (10 needed for rain water)

Water Wells: $10,000 each (4 needed)

Cooking Pots: $4,000 for a set of 3 large, energy-saving pots (6 needed)

 Pit Latrines (toliets): $4,000 for 8 stalls, 6 sets


Home for Orphans and Destitute Children

 $250,000 provides a home which is inspected by the government. 300 children need a home, 20 per room.

Imani Milele Children is in the process of registering it's home - Imani Milele Children's Home with the government of Uganda, ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development.  The home currently houses 44 girls and 27 boys.  We are currently renting these premises yet many children living in unsafe environments need a comfortable home.  Please help sponsor construction of the Imani Milele Children's Home.  Land is already secured.


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