Imani Children's Choir

Choir perfoming a traditional danceImani Children’s Choir is an African choir of Imani Milele Children based in Uganda – East Africa, that spreads awareness to the plight of the orphaned and vulnerable children in Uganda. The choir is able to do this through their craft in music, dance and drama.

The indescribable talents of the choir enable them perform; greatly crafted African Traditional Dances and drum routines, contemporary music, a variety of music genres with amazing vocal abilities, incredible African a cappella and chants. Being at one of the concerts will get you an opportunity to watch them perform as they interact with audiences with amazing dance moves. Through the performances, the choir promotes, child sponsorship, and welcomes donations of all kinds, which all go to the purpose for which they are intended for.

The children on tour never miss out on academics since they have time spared for them to study and also get tested in their work. Assignments in line with the Ugandan curriculum are always provided thus keeping the children at par with those in Uganda. Many children after the tour have emerged as some of the best performing students in their respective classes.

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