Testimonies and photos of sponsered children and sponsors

This is Annet Nakulima and Richard Sekiranda of Lugazi

They are sponsored by Michael and Estella Lewis of Florida.

" I was able to visit with our sponsored kids, I was able to buy them shoes, socks and bring some small gifts with me when I went to Uganda In July 2011. It was a real blessing to see the difference Pastor Moses and the whole team with Gospel messengers is making. To see the real children that I sponsor and that the money donated here actually goes to making a difference in the lives of children. You will not be wasting your donations with Gospel messengers, they truly do what they say they will do." 

-Michael Lewis

Richard and Annet Uganda sponsored child

Birungi Shadia 10 years old
Village of Troas

"I met her while on a trip to Uganda in July 2011.

Pastor Moses took us to her school. She walked up and took my hand and stole my heart. I have become her sponsor and invite you to participate in the program of Pastor Moses, under Gospel Messengers .

'What ever you do unto the least of these you do unto me…'

 I am happy to have a small part in investing in the life of this child". 

-Gail Barschow

Gail and child

Alex Mutiibwa, 14 years old
Village of Sessanga

"My family prays for Alex every night during our stories and devotions time. We pray that he will grow up to be a smart young man who will change his village and the world for good.

When I met Alex in person, I noticed what a radiant smile he has! His school master and teacher believe in him and so do we!"

-Pastor Seth Goldsmith

Pastor Seth Uganda child sponsor


Brenda Adon, 6years old

 Village of Gulu                                                 

  "Experiencing the Holy Spirit to direct me to support a child in Uganda is an honor and a joy!

       My little girl is Brenda Adon from the village of Gulu. She is six years old. I got to send her a birthday present. it was fun to have the Holy Spirit show me what to send her, by way of our church team that went in July.  

    Then I got a picture of her wearing the purple flop hat. How heart warming. She wrote a little thank you note which added to that point of contact and connecting us more.

     I'm thankful to be able to give into her life!"                    









Kagoya Shiminu

Village of Malindi-Troas

I chose Kagoya Shaminu from Malindi-Troas mostly because she has no parents.  She has 1 sister and 3 borthers.  I have recieved great joy from supporting Kagoya.  I recieved a letter from her of thanks and she told me she was going to be praying for me!  Praise God.  How awesome is that!  Be a blessing, support a child.  You will be blessed beyond measure.  In Him.


Sharon Hall (Crossroads Christian Fellowship, Sebastian, FL)





uganda sponsored child









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